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Accomplishments: Posted 6 July 2012

  • Made sure that Farmington was its own House District, Strafford District 2. (Sam Cataldo was a partner in this effort) Pointed out to the House Redistricting Committee and House Speaker O’Brien, that Strafford and New Durham were contiguous at “five points” avoiding being a district with Strafford and New Durham and a floterial district with Rochester. This was a major effort to be represented directly and not by eight representatives from a super district of Barrington, Farmington, Middleton. Milton, New Durham and Strafford (Currently Strafford House District 3) in which Farmington could have no local representative. Strafford 3 Representatives did work together to get elected and we work together on legislation.

  • Spoke to whoever would listen, to put Farmington in a Senate District with Rochester. This included Senate President Bragdon, and any senator I came in contact with. Farmington is now part of Senate District 6, including Rochester, Farmington, New Durham, Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton. This puts Farmington with its economic center and county and an effort I have put forth for 32 years. Our previous Senate District 3 linked us to Conway and towns in between which put us at a huge disadvantage. This concentrates our effort within our County and aligns to our Strafford County delegation.

  • I was elected by the Strafford County Delegation to serve on the Strafford County Executive Committee. The Committee meets on behalf of the full Strafford County Delegation and represent Farmington proudly in this capacity.

  • I serve on the House of Representative’s Education Committee. As a Farmington School Board Member, this was a perfect fit for the passion I have for education at all levels for our youth and society.

  • I was appointed by Speaker O’Brien to the Home Education Advisory Council, a statutory committee including two house members and a senator.

  • I am also a member of the House Business Coalition to promote the New Hampshire Advantage to attract business to New Hampshire and provide great jobs for our working middle class. We have been losing our twenty to forty year olds (2010 census) due to a lack of good jobs.

  • I have volunteered for anywhere my chairman of my or other committees, or the speaker needs me. I have been on several subcommittees, which the legislation eventually was passed into law. I am on a subcommittee for SB 296 relative to CHINS petitions from schools, currently. I was also chosen to be on a Committee of Conference by the House Speaker to reconcile bills with the Senate.

  •  I was voted as a member in the first year (unusual) to the House Republican Alliance. The Alliance meets to discuss the worthiness (constitutional and platform) of bills and makes recommendations on a pink sheet to aid house members decide their vote. The Alliance also conducts training and summits to retrieve input from constituents for proposals or deletion of legislation.

  • My voting record can be found here

  • My website  is rich in content and outlines my vision of limited, fiscally responsible government, while maintaining the New Hampshire Advantage.

  • Completed the degree in Executive Master of Public Administration at Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

  • Farmington School Board, Chairman, Town of Farmington Capacities: Zoning Board of Adjustment, Capital Improvements Committee, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public. Past capacities etc.: Conservation, Farmington Police Department, Budget.

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