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19th of 400 most conservative.

I accomplished what I promised!


I was born in Rochester, NH on 23 January 1946 and have always been a citizen of Farmington, NH. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Diann since 7 October 1967. We have four very successful and special children, Kim, Chris, Jeff and Jon. We have nine grandchildren.

I spent 11 years in the United States Air Force. The most memorable event of my first year was an Assistant Crew Chief on a new F4C Phantom chase plane for the Gemini 5 space mission in Florida. I spent a tour near Saigon, Vietnam on RF101 aircraft. After a three year break in service I reentered the USAF and retrained in crypto electronics earning an associates degree in digital electronics in 1979. I left the regular USAF in 1977 and joined the NH Air National Guard as a crew chief on KC-135 aircraft. I spent 8 years at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as an electronics technician on various systems attending many Navy schools for various electronic equipment. I obtained a bachelor's of science degree in business from Southern New Hampshire University in 1980. I attended Golden Gate University working on a dual masters in juvenile justice and public administration. 


On completion of my masters thesis, I was awarded a degree in Master of Public Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

I am a 100% disabled veteran. I never turned down an opportunity to learn. I owned my own construction business for several years doing site work and erecting steel buildings.

I have served on many boards in my town including Zoning(original member 1979), Conservation Commission, Budget Committee, Policeman(3 years), School Board(9 years) and ancillary committee's to these boards.

My Philosophy of our Economy(State)

There has been much controversy concerning the NH State budget 2012/13, which is $10.2 billion. The budget of 2008/09 was $9.3 billion. The 2010/11 budget ballooned to $11.5 billion, a 24% increase.

  • 2008/09 $9.3 billion

  • 2010/11 $11.5 billion, 24% increase.

  • 2012/13 $10.2 billion , 9.7% increase over the 2008/09 budget

Those that beat their drums and gums must answer the question how did the State ever pay their obligations with a mere $9.3 billion?

During the 2010 campaign, Governor Lynch stated the was a $70 million surplus. On 30 June 2010 by overestimating revenue, sale of state property(you always want to sell property in a bad economy and still hasn't happened), and other gimmicks, the budget was balanced. Now comes the Governor with the 2012/13 budget and low and behold, we have a $691 million to $1 billion deficit. This new budget downshifted $150 million to the municipalities and school districts. 

My Philosophy of our Economy(Federal)

I came from the undeclared ranks, which is the largest group of voters at 41% in New Hampshire. My basic philosophy is limited government at all levels, a monetary and business policy that allows free enterprise to flourish and float upward the entire well being of our society.

Milton Friedman, a great economist from the University of Chicago and adviser to President Reagan outlined in his book "Free to Choose" that it is easy to spend other people's money(OPM) and is important to not overburden the taxpayers to a point, where it is not economically feasible to produce goods or services. Government is a burden on the economy because it produces nothing. If we carefully examine the history of the Federal budget, we find that when that budget increases to greater than 17.5% of gross domestic product(GDP: total output of the economies goods and services) the economy begins to struggle.

The Federal expenditure for 2011 is 3.82 trillion with revenues of 2.17 trillion. This equates to a 1.65 trillion dollar deficit. This is a ratio of approximately 27% of our GDP of 14.12 trillion dollars. This gap of 9.5% greater burden on the economy is unsustainable. Our national checkbook is empty, so we borrow the money with interest which is a further drain on the economy, increasing government debt. This leads to inflation(to many dollars chasing to few goods), remembering the government produces nothing. The Federal Reserve(FED)(no ties to the federal government except for appointment of the chairman and reporting to Congress periodically) is lending(printing dollars) and contributing to the percentage ratio of government burden stated above. Another piece to the economic puzzle is the Federal Reserve discount interest rate, which affects most other interest rates. This current rate is virtually zero. When inflation begins to bloom, the vehicle to stifle inflation is to raise the discount rate thus drying up the money supply and making investment in expanding goods and services more costly. Historically, every time the FED raises the discount rate too quickly, a recession follows. 1929, 1987 and the current era downturn of economy are examples that can be verified. Greece had a debt of 125% of GDP and was virtually bankrupt and needed outside help. Currently, the United States is at 102% of debt to GDP with a unsteady rate of economic growth. The cure is to reduce Federal spending and formulate Federal monetary policy to favor business growth and let business enjoy profit(the reward for the risk of capital, otherwise, why would you bother). We must be friendly to business, both large and small, because they are the employers of producers, the wealth creators of this great country. The only restriction of business should be to prevent monopolies, otherwise let the businesses compete.


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