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Joe Pitre

2020 NH House of Representatives


Your Support is Critical to Keeping our New Hampshire Values Alive. 

What in the State is Going On !!!

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This is Your Executive Councilor 26June2020

This is an article by Education Commissioner, Frank Edelblut, who I served with on the House Finance Committee 2015/2016.  He is a very bright guy and doing a great job in helping to formulate an outstanding education policy for New Hampshire students.  This article references a recent nomination of businessman, Mr. Terrell of Nashua.  Andru Volinsky has blocked Mr Terrell's nomination to the State Board of Education which appears to be racially motivated.

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2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in U.S. history

Joe's Assessment

By analyzing the data of the above website, we find that No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has probably not provided an increase of achievement in academics by students. The increase in providing financial support to students has in finding a panacea for repairing our educational woes. The evolution of learning by mankind has taken 20,000 to 40,000 years to develop. Knowledge of man doubled approximately every 7 years in 1980. By 2004, of knowledge occurred in only 18 months. Today man's knowledge is estimated to double in just 11 hours. (Unfortunately, not all student will learn at the same rate, and never will.)

Gates Foundation: Teachers trump class size 19 Feb 2012

27 Apr 2013- UPDATE- On 27 April 2013 Golden Gate University, San Francisco has awarded Joe Pitre the degree of Executive Master of Public Administration.

These postings are a result of the link (rubbish) published (here)

The difference between myself and others that have flowered are that my assertions are true and can give references to substantiate my claims. I challenge O'Brien of Blue Hampshire to find someone any of my claims false. The voters of Strafford District two will decide if my promises are kept integrity is beyond reproach. I am quite concerned people like you, mesmerizing trying to influence those people of this State and Country on a path of painful destruction.

You see Mr. O'Brien, I love my town, my and my country and would be easy to just fade into the sunset. That sunset in the winter is MacDill Air Force Base, where I discovered on temporary duty during the Gemini V Support mission. I stayed at the Bayshore Royal Hotel on Bayshore Boulevard near Howard St., in Tampa.

The NH Air Guard time can probably by recently retired Colonel Greenwood, Liason to the Congressional Delegation, Concord. Aircraft, F4C experience can be through Sgt Richard Port, of Henderson, Nevada. who attended training with me in Arizona stationed in Iceland in 1974-1975. Or Sgt Jessie Medina, who I talked to this morning remembers the missions, not the personnel involved. I will be able to verify the Gemini V mission through the crew chief, ' Sgt John D. Jones wife of Mt Gilead, Ohio. I know Mr.O'brien, I must be a dubious fellow, because I have maintained these friendships for decades and do not have to remember which lie I told to whom!

No Transcript but must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater to be in program

Executive Master of Public Administration 396 -

STUDENT ID # 0077215 Golden Gate University, San Francisco

Graduate Research Project in Public Management (Section: C1)


Term - Fall C (8 ) (currently enrolled)

Offered - from October 21, through December 15, 2012

Units- 4 Capacity/Available - 25/25

Location – CyberCampus Meeting room -(Meeting room will be posted)

Instructor - Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez- Mickey McGee - 4154426607

Status - Open

Xpress ID 13418

Course Materials - View Materials - Academic Level - Graduate

Comments - 8-week cyber course

Syllabus - None posted


Presents the capstone course taken in the final term of the Executive Master Public Administration program. Students will undertake a major research project to integrate and synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired in the program. The research project is expected to involve rigorous research, primary data gathering, creative analysis, policy recommendations and have practical utility in relationship to their organization or society.


Practical-Research-Planning-Design 10 edition Paul D. Leedy and Jean Ellis Ormrod


Lauren Johnson 415-442-6590

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