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Are We Being Hoodwinked?

Are they Cooking the COVID Data? (here)

If COVID-19 Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?

Was COVID-19  Modelling Accurate? (Here)

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.

Cicero , 55 BC. We haven't learned a lot in 2075 years!

The thing that sets the American Christian apart from all other people in the world is that they will die on their feet rather than live on their knees.

Francis Scott Key


A review of studies found unequivocally that COVID vaccines do not stop viral transmission, with no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. So, all real-world evidence is that omicron cannot be effectively addressed by COVID vaccines. Together with Fantini's work, the proper conclusion it that omicron will not be very transmissible nor be more infective than delta.

Because mutations will continue to produce variants, it is critically important to use the work of Fantini to accurately assess whether or not a new variant should evoke the fears and government responses that have sprung up so quickly for omicron. 

The Electoral College posted 19Nov2020

Dear Joseph,

Since the presidential election on November 3rd, we’ve heard a lot about the road to 270 electoral votes. So here at Center Forward we wrote a BASIC about the ins and outs of our system for electing a President.

In fact, with the electoral college system, the American people don’t vote directly for a presidential candidate, they vote for an elector. Someone who has been selected by their state’s political party to vote for their party’s candidate should that candidate win the popular vote in their state.

Want to learn more about the electoral college system? We encourage you to read our basic.


Yet, while this system has worked since the beginning of our nation, sometimes it is not as perfect as we would hope. Although the electoral college is an imperfect system, the founders put a fail-safe in place in case no one reaches the magic 270 electors.

In the case of a draw, the House of Representatives will select the next president. Under the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, every state’s delegation in the House casts a single vote for the president.

And while this system is imbalanced in many ways, it’s an integral part in how we decide who is going to lead our country.

Joseph, if you want to learn more about how we elect our presidents and the electoral college, take a look at our basic.

Learn More​

-- Center Forward

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A Study of How Public Policy if Not Done Properly Can Go Awry

Posted 19 Sep 2020

They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen?

This is a story about frustration, about watching the West burn when you fully understand why it’s burning — and understand why it did not need to be this bad.

by Elizabeth Weil Aug. 28, 1:30 p.m. EDT

Read the Article here

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What a week. Rough for all Californians. Exhausting for the firefighters on the front lines. Heart-shattering for those who lost homes and loved ones. But a special “Truman Show” kind of hell for the cadre of men and women who’ve not just watched California burn, fire ax in hand, for the past two or three or five decades, but who’ve also fully understood the fire policy that created the landscape that is now up in flames.

Corona Virus Death Rate Compared to 2017 Overall Death Rate Posted 9 Aug 2020

Covid-19: We Have Nothing to Fear, but The Press (and Fauci, and Gates,…) Itself

More Expert Doctors Support Controversial COVID-19 Care

The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It | Opinion

Frontline Doctors Spell Out Their Perspective on COVID-19
Back to School - Back to Life
(I've heard this article banned by Twitter & FB)


Herd Immunity Here? So Why Are They Feeding the Panic? (Here)

Several recent studies suggest that we are closer to “herd immunity” for Covid-19 than previously thought. Former CDC head Scott Gottleib said Covid would be gone by January because most people will have been exposed. Yet officials across the country are implementing policies that PREVENT this needed immunity! They are trying to keep healthy people apart. What’s their game. Plus in today’s program: We will tell you why Texas is seeing an increase in cases – it will shock you. Finally…it’s time for a new “Villain of the Week!”

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Robert Kennedy, Jr, comes out fighting against those in mainstream media and the Internet who are trying to block him from expressing concerns about vaccines. As a lawyer preparing lawsuits against vaccine companies for damages from their products, his research led him to the realization that the industry is criminally corrupt. In this interview by Patrick Bet-David, Kennedy describes what lies have been forced on the public to cover up the corruption and he shows that the truth is the opposite of what we have been told.

With the concern to find a vaccine for COVID-19​, A closer look from someone who litigates against big pharma, it may be wise to contemplate something other than a Mainstream Medi​a view.  Robert Kennedy Jr's interview is rated five stars and worth the time spent.. 

-COVID-19 Daily Update (here)

-Economic Re-Opening Task Force

-Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

-The Economic Side of COVID-19 NCSL 27Mar20

-Get Help at DHHS Website

-COVID-19 And the New Hampshire Economy. Valuable Information from the Legislative Budget Assistant

With the ongoing Corona Virus running rampant, small business owners are being hit particularly hard. Small retail outlets and restaurants are often only surviving from month to month, without any cash reserves. If a lease agreement is not forgiven, then it could be game over for many of them.

To avoid being hit, a number of relief programs are available from Government departments. Banks and large financial institutions are being incentivized at the Federal level to provide relief for local businesses, including a reduction of ATM and credit card fees.

There are also a number of other resources you can make use of that are still doing business despite the crisis. As grim as it may be, there are many avenues available to you, once you stay calm.

Unfortunately, most of this relief is not available to the self-employed class. Small business owners are by far the worst hit. Nearly all of the stimulus packages are geared towards employees who have lost their jobs, as opposed to employers who lose their business.

This is causing considerable controversy as business owners are claiming that they do not have an appropriate safety net in place.

Restaurant owners, hair salons, hotels, and other small companies are especially vulnerable, as all of these places are closed and are unable to do any type of business – yet they still have to pay rent and utilities. The travel industry has been decimated. If you have been affected, here are the top 8 places to avail of financial remuneration to survive the onslaught. (Click here or on Title)


Herd immunity is when a large enough percentage of a population is immune to a pathogen so that it cannot spread widely. What share of the population must be immune largely depends on how contagious the pathogen in question is.

For example, to limit the spread of measles, experts estimate that 93% to 95% of the population needs to be immune. Measles is more contagious than the novel coronavirus: Experts estimate between 40% to 70% of the population will need to be immune to halt its rapid spread.

Email Received in My Legislative Email Account. Please make Your Own Conclusions

> On 2/7/2020, China president Xi jinping sent No1 army anti biochemistry weapon professional lady ( who also led SARS before ), Wei Liu to go to Wuhan to take charge of Wuhan Virology Institute, Chinese Academy of Science.


> What does it mean ? Please see a recent Wuhan Virology research on Wuhan Virus , this report was sent on 1/20 ( same day that Xi jinping confirmed for Wuhan virus, accepted on 1/29 and published on 2/3 , you could see date on the article in Nature )


> A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin



> However, the same author Shi ZL at Wuhan Virology Institute had a familiar result in 2015 !


> A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.



> Compare of this two article , this lady Shi ZL has been study on Bat virus for many years, and both her two article all shows the virus got into human through ACE2 !!! How much chance for a virus in bat that could automatically mutated with exactly same change as a virus from human lab ?

> on 2015 Declan Butler already question this research : Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research




> The current director is a a very young lady called Yantie Wang, she and her husband links to Formal President Jiang Zemin ( whose elder son used to control Chinese Academy especially in Shanghai and wuhan) Any Chinese could tell based on her resume and age , she definitely is not quality to be director of Wuhan Virology Institute, Chinese Academy of Science if there is no any backup from powerful person ! Right after virus stared, Shanghai institute of pharmacy and wuhan virology institute comes out a 双黄连 medicine ( just a general one not really target to this time virus) , indicate wuhan and shanghai does have very close relationship !





> More interesting, Beijing capital university director Raoyi reported on Nov 2019 Shanghai pharmacy institute director , together with one professor Hongliang li in wuhan university medical research ( where Yantie Wang husband Shu hongbin in Charge) making fake scientific research reports, not sure whether those are related though. We also can see a clear relationship here of shanghai and wuhan and this Hongliang li also responsible for animals ( he used monkey for his research) .






> Please note as today if use biotech and combine research together , it is possible that bio-weapon could make a virus attack to multiple organs at the same time !



> Please help urge government to fully investigate Wuhan virus right away !


> Sincerely


> Hong Wang 

SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV, Novel Coronavirus 2019) has led to pneumonia (COVID-19) that sickened over 2.0M people worldwide. Same as all other coronaviruses, the genome of SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) encodes the spike protein, the envelope protein, the membrane protein, and the nucleocapsid protein.

The spike protein (S-protein) is the common target for neutralizing antibodies and vaccines. Spike protein contains two subunits, S1 and S2. S1 contains a receptor binding domain (RBD), which is responsible for recognizing and binding with the cell surface receptor. S2 subunit contains other basic elements needed for the membrane fusion. SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) (ref.) can infect the human respiratory epithelial cells through interaction with huamn ACE2. Indeed, the recombinant Spike protein can bind with recombinant ACE2 protein.

The Nucleocapsid Protein (N-protein) is the most abundant protein in coronavirus. The N-protein is a highly immunogenic phosphoprotein, and it is normally very conserved. The N protein of coronavirus is often used as a marker in diagnostic assays.

Sino Biological is the first company in the world to produce recombinant proteins of SARS-CoV-2. We launched the spike protein on Jan 22nd, only 12 days after the sequence is published. Till this day, Sino Biological has developed a large panel of reagents for COVID19 research.  


The IRS is committed to helping you get your Economic Impact Payment as soon as possible. The payments, also referred to by some as stimulus payments, are automatic for most taxpayers. No further action is needed by taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 and 2019 and most seniors and retirees.

See if you are eligible for an Economic Impact Payment.

Be on Guard:  Something to Ponder

Henry Kissinger thinks the Coronavirus is a threat to his precious New World Order, so he wants President Trump to do whatever he can to protect the system. In an opinion piece that wa​s published in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, the former Secretary of State urged Trump to launch a grand project, like the Marshall Plan, to unify the allies and convince them that the Uncle Sam can still rally the troops in a time of crisis. Here’s Kissinger:

“Drawing lessons from the development of the Marshall Plan and the Manhattan Project, the U.S. is obliged to undertake a major effort in three domains. First, shore up global resilience to infectious disease…Second, strive to heal the wounds to the world economy….Third, safeguard the principles of the liberal world order.

While the assault on human health will—hopefully—be temporary, the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations. No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program. If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each.” (“The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order”, Wall Street Journal)

The Federal Government Has Made
Some Cha​nges to the Payroll Protection Program.

 The federal government has made

some changes to the Payroll P​rotection Program.

Below is the latest information on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The biggest change about the program was an interest rate change of 0.5% to 1.0%. has a good article with a few of the biggest changes listed:

Here is the 31 page document from the SBA of all the latest changes:

U.S. Department of the Treasury PPP Borrowers Information Sheet:

Small Business Administration PPP Information Sheet :

 Some Much-Needed Coronavirus Perspective

I & I Editorial Board

March 31, 2020          45 comments 43,835 views

I&I Editorial

Like just about everyone else in the country, we are sitting in our homes under orders from our state governments, with little to do but follow coronavirus statistics. And they look fearsome.

There are almost 140,000 active cases of COVID-19 in the United States. Nearly 20,000 new cases were reported on Sunday alone. The death toll in the U.S. is now close to 3,000 — with more than 2,000 of them occurring in just the past week.s at a time.  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the death toll could reach 200,000. Another model says 82,000 will likely die, with daily deaths peaking in mid-April at more than 2,000. By comparison, the last pandemic — the so-called swine flu — claimed 18,000 lives.

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump said he’s extending the federal government’s “social distancing” guidelines through April. In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam announced a “stay at home” order through June 10. School systems are starting to consider whether they will even be able to open in the fall As a service to readers, here are recent annual deaths from other causes, many of which go largely unnoticed year by year, but most of which are preventable.


(The data is compiled from the National Center for Health Statistics, the National Safety Council, and other sources.)

1,900: strep throat

3,000: food poisoning

5,000: choking

6,946: accidental hanging

7,450: pedestrians hit by a car

7,740: obesity

12,316: pregnancy-related

20,108: inflammation resulting from food or liquids getting into the lungs

35,000: antibiotic-resistant bacteria

35,823: alcohol-induced deaths

36,336: falls

40,922: blood poisoning resulting from bacteria

47,173: suicide

55,672: flu and pneumonia

64,795: accidental poisoning

83,564: diabetes

121,404: Alzheimer’s

160,201: chronic lower respiratory disease

169,936: all accidental deaths

250,000: medical errors

599,108: cancer

647,457: heart disease

COVID​ Virus Articles 

Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection

Coronavirus Puts 3.3 Million Out of Work (So Far)

Complete COVID-19 Automatic Daily Update (Here)

Current Situation

A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, and which continues to expand. Cases have been identified in the United States, as well as many other countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and State and local health departments, including the New Hampshire (NH) Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Public Health Services' (DPHS), are monitoring this rapidly developing situation. Information about this outbreak will be available here and continuously updated.

We do not have a list of "essential" businesses as of 4:15 PM.

We are awaiting release of the complete list by the governor's office. They understand it is of paramount importance for any affected businesses to know what their status is as soon as possible. It is also important that the governor's office publish a list that is as complete and correct as possible, which requires additional time.

What we know:

Our understanding is that most everything listed in the Massachusetts "essential" list will be on the New Hampshire list.

The New Hampshire list will be more expansive than the Massachusetts list, and include things like gun stores, breweries, and construction, to name a few.

You can review the Massachusetts list here:

or as a PDF here:

The PDF is 9 pages long, and covers several large areas of business sectors and functions.

For those of you who have asked about retail hardware/lumber businesses, the answer is YES, they should be on the essential New Hampshire list, as "hardware and home improvement" retailers as a broad category are included on the MA list.

There will be an opportunity for businesses who are not initially listed on the to-be-released New Hampshire list to apply to be deemed essential, and we are certain the list will grow as they identify further critical sectors/businesses.

The attached social graphic was posted at the time of the governor's press conference, and gives you a general idea of what is covered by the non-essential business order, and the stay at home order, but is not a complete list.

We expect the full list soon, and we appreciate your patience as the executive branch ensures that they have as much as possible covered in what they release.


THREAD: Dr. Birx comments about the Imperial College modeling errors goes to the core of the basis for the shutdown. The assumption by the modelers to justify a shutdown was the rate of transmission amongst those w/o symptoms (asymptomatic) was comparable to those w/ symptoms.

2:33 AM · Mar 27, 2020·Twitter Web App





Robert Barnes




Replying to


The problem with this assumption was two-fold: first, it was ahistorical, and contrary to most past viruses; second, data we had from Wuhan & Diamond Princess did not support it. As data developed, it became increasingly clear these assumptions were dubious, triggering revisions.

Robert Barnes




If the asymptomatic do not spread it at a high rate, then far fewer people have it, and putting those people under house arrest makes little public policy sense (and is also unconstitutional, under existing quarantine Constitutional law). The whole basis for the shutdown is gone.

Robert Barnes




To his credit, while many scientists pointed out the risk this was a big error (including prominent public health doctors, top scientists studying these kind of models, and even folks like Dr. Drew), one of the first folks to publicly point this out here was


Robert Barnes




Bottom line: modelers made assumptions they now question, and that is why Dr. Blix emphasized a random sample survey to see if the spread amongst the asymptomatic is more along historical low-transmission rates than the modelers estimated, which should reverse the shutdown soon.





Replying to




I've decided to follow you. Not because I think you know what you're talking about (you don't). But it will be interesting to see how you come to terms with being wrong (what cognitive backflips you will do)

State Unemployment Benefits  Q&A

The most frequent questions we have received from House members relate to assistance for those whose work or business has been affected by COVID-19.

Individuals who are unable to work or who have reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have immediate access to unemployment benefits. Anyone in the following situations will now be eligible for state unemployment: If your employer temporarily closes due to COVID-19; Individuals that need to self-quarantine or are directed to quarantine at the instruction of a health care provider, employer or government official; Individuals that need to care for a family member that has COVID-19 or is under quarantine; Individuals that need to care for a dependent because of school closures, child care facility closures or other similar types of care programs; Self-employed individuals that are temporarily unable to operate their business because of any of the above listed situations will also be eligible.

Individuals will need to file for each week of temporary unemployment and all of this can and should be done online at, or by calling . People can do all of this online from your home internet connection or your phone without ever having to go into a state office. The website to access is and the phone number to call is 603-271-7700.

Governor Chris Sununu also officially submitted a request that the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration provide SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans to small businesses across -New Hampshire.

In case you were not by a TV last evening, please consider watching Q&A with Deputy Commissioner of Employment Security Richard Lavers that aired on WMUR. There are two videos:

Governor Chris Sununu issued Emergency Orders 

What Statute Gives the Governor the Authority to Issue Emergency Orders?

What statute gives the governor the authority to issue emergency orders?

RSA 4:45 and 4:47. It’s important to read all of RSA 4:45 and 4:47 to understand the scope of an emergency declaration, however, once an emergency declaration has been made, the governor can make emergency orders. The parts of those RSAs are below with links to the full RSAs if you need them.

Excerpts of RSA 4:45 State of Emergency Declaration; Powers

I. The governor shall have the power to declare a state of emergency, as defined in RSA 21-P:35, VIII, by executive order if the governor finds that a natural, technological, or man-made disaster of major proportions is imminent or has occurred within this state, and that the safety and welfare of the inhabitants of this state require an invocation of the provisions of this section.

III. During the existence of a state of emergency, and only for so long as such state of emergency shall exist, the governor shall have and may exercise the following additional emergency powers:

(e) To perform and exercise such other functions, powers, and duties as are necessary to promote and secure the safety and protection of the civilian population.

Excerpts of RSA 4:47 Emergency Management Powers.

The governor shall have emergency management authority as defined in RSA 21-P:35, V, and pursuant to such authority may exercise emergency management powers including:

III. The power to make, amend, suspend and rescind necessary orders, rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this subdivision in the event of a disaster beyond local control.

Where can I find a full list of all the emergency orders?

You can find an updated list of orders, including the declaration of a state of emergency using this link:

As of March 19th at 2:00PM,  

The Economy and the Virus

Even in a World of Zero-Percent Interest Rates, the Fed Likely Has Enough Monetary Policy Tools

The United States experienced a seven-year period of near-zero-percent interest rates between late 2008 and late 2015. At the time, this seemed like an aberration, as it was the first instance in many decades that rates had fallen close to zero.

Now, with the Federal Reserve once again lowering rates to near zero, this time in response to the economic shocks caused by the Covid19 virus, there is a sense that low interest rates may be the new normal. This raises two important questions: How will the Federal Reserve (Fed) achieve its policy goals in a world of near-zero-percent interest rates? And does it need additional monetary policy tools?


Email Address*


National Counsel of State Governments Statistics ( Here)

Latest News 19 Mar 20

                9:34 PM

State Launches Business-Focused COVID-19 Website

The NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs launched a new website to support the business community. The site has information on business resources, financial assistance, unemployment benefits, health guidelines and recent updates on COVID-19. 

Governor Sununu

       #9 Order

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu issued Emergency Order #9, establishing the COVID-19 Emergency Healthcare System Relief Fund, pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04

  Learn More

Explanation of Public Health Monitoring and

Movement Restriction Terms

Please check out the following links for more information:

New Hampshire 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary Report

Number of Persons with COVID-191.........................................        44

Number of Persons with Test Pending in PHL2 .....................631

Total Number of Persons Tested at NH PHL3 ................................1,420

Number of Persons Being Monitored in NH (approximate point in time) ............................575

1 Includes specimens confirmed by CDC confirmatory testing.

2 Includes specimens tested at NH Public Health Laboratories (PHL) and other laboratories.

3 Includes specimens received and awaiting testing at NH Public Health Laboratories (PHL).

Stay Safe and Have a Plan

Stay ​safe, stay home as much as possible, practice social distancing and wash your hands.

Stay Healthy:  Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands Often to Stay Healthy

You can help yourself and your loved ones stay healthy by washing your hands often, especially during these key times when you are likely to get and spread germs:

Before, during, and after preparing food

Before eating food

Before and after caring for someone at home who is sick with vomiting or diarrhea

Before and after treating a cut or wound

After using the toilet

After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet

After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

After touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste

After handling pet food or pet treats

After touching garbage

SBA Declaration by Washington,  March 18, 2020

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu announced that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) approved New Hampshire’s application for SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans, which will help small businesses overcome loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

 DHHS COVID-19 Update – March 18, 2020

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, DHHS announced 13 new positive test results for COVID-19. The new cases are all in adults, including six males and seven females. Persons are from the counties of Hillsborough (4), Rockingham (3), Carroll (3), Belknap (2), and Merrimack (1); the four individuals from Hillsborough County all reside in Manchester. New individuals from Carroll and Merrimack counties have no identified risk factors, indicating additional areas in New Hampshire experiencing community-based transmission of COVID-19. Community-based transmission has been identified in the following counties: Rockingham, Grafton, Merrimack, and Carroll. There have been 39 total cases of COVID-19 identified in New Hampshire. Two patients are hospitalized and they are in stable condition; the remaining people are isolating at home.

NH DMV Transitioning March 18, 2020

Concord, NH –​ Today, the New Hampshire Department o​f Motor Vehicles announced it will transition to phone and online services starting Thursday and limited appointment only services starting Monday.​

Covid/19/// as of March 17, 2020 8 a.m.


As of last night there are now 17 confirmed COVID 19 cases in New Hampshire. For statistics on infections and testing, please see last evening's update/release from DHHS:

Yesterday we sent along a copy of the governor’s press release regarding prohibition on dine-in restaurant service, and prohibition on gatherings of 50 people or more. You can reread that statement and the executive order here:

TODAY at 10AM, the governor will hold a press conference with legislative leaders and administration officials to provide an update to the state’s efforts in supporting Granite Staters adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through executive action. If you are at home, it is very likely WMUR will carry the press conference live on their website. I will be present at the news conference, staff will be monitoring, and will update you on developments around midday.

The focus today may be relief for employees, but we know you are getting many questions from business owners. We can begin by offering that business owners read through resources available through existing disaster relief programs with the Small Business Administration.

More information on relief for businesses may be forthcoming today.

We continue to welcome your questions and are doing our best to get you the answers you need to help your constituents informed.

Call: 603-271-3665 (leave a voicemail)


The State House and LOB remain closed aside from essential personnel. If you need anything, please let us know.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Hon. Dick Hinch

House Republican Leader

State Representative

New Hampshire House of Representatives

State House, House Republican Office

107 N Main St. State House 3rd Floor

Concord, NH 03301 

If you listened to Chinese state-run media, you'd think President Trump went to China and released vials of COVID-19 on groups of unsuspecting men, women and children.

Beijing has been bending over backward trying to convince the world that the United States is the real culprit behind the quickly spreading virus that's already claimed more than 4,600 lives across the globe.


US investigating Harvard, Yale over alleged China, Saudi Arabia secret funding

By Kate O'Keeffe

The Education Department opened investigations into Harvard and Yale as part of a continuing review that has found U.S. universities failed to report at least $6.5 billion in foreign funding from countries such as China and Saudi Arabia, according to department materials viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The investigations into the Ivy League schools are the latest in a clash between U.S. universities and a coalition of federal officials including law enforcement, research funders such as the National Institutes of Health and Defense and Energy Departments, and a bipartisan group in Congress that has raised concerns about the reliance of higher-education institutions on foreign money, particularly from China.

A Harvard spokesman said the university is working on a response. A Yale spokeswoman didn't immediately have a comment.


Public Education as Public Indoctrination


Public Education as Public Indoctrination

A New York Times study describes how both red and blue states use public education to indoctrinate students in their preferred ideologies. This dynamic should dampen hopes that public education can fix the problem of widespread political ignorance.


Dana Goldstein of New York Times has an interesting article describing how state governments in both liberal California and conservative Texas work to skew school textbooks in favor of their preferred ideologies. Despite their differences, both seek to indoctrinate students rather than present facts in any sort of evenhanded way:

The textbooks cover the same sweeping story, from the brutality of slavery to the struggle for civil rights. The self-evident truths of the founding documents to the waves of immigration that reshaped the nation.

The books have the same publisher. They credit the same authors. But they are customized for students in different states, and their contents sometimes diverge in ways that reflect the nation's deepest partisan divides. (Learn More)

(Excerpt)One oft-overlooked argument for school choice is that it would make systematic indoctrination of schoolchildren more difficult. The danger of uniform nation-wide indoctrination is the main reason why John Stuart Mill opposed state control of schools, even though he favored government subsidization of education for those unable to afford it.


U.S Supreme Court Decision in the Making?



Supreme Court to Hear Biggest Education Case in 60 Years

In Espinoza v. Montana, educational opportunity & parental rights at stake as SCOTUS decides constitutionality of discriminatory “Blaine Amendments”

Montana among 37 states with Blaine Amendment on law books, threatening education choices for families most in need


WASHINGTON — On January 22, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will hear the most monumental case involving both education and civil rights in more than 60 years — Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue — in which state-level “Blaine Amendments” could finally be struck down after nearly 150 years of undermining equal opportunity in education and First Amendment rights.

The Center for Education Reform (CER) filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Kendra Espinoza and the other plaintiffs last year. It was joined by a dozen other organizations and civil rights leaders. *READ IT HERE* 

John Stuart Mill opposed state control of schools etal (learn more)


Public Education as Public Indoctrination (learn more)

A New York Times study describes how both red and blue states use public education to indoctrinate students in their preferred ideologies. This dynamic should dampen hopes that public education can fix the problem of widespread political ignorance.



Rooted in the Constitution

The nation is at this time so strong and united in its sentiments that it cannot be shaken at this moment. But suppose a series of untoward events should occur sufficient to bring into doubt the competency of a republican government to meet a crisis of great danger, or to unhinge the confidence of the people in the public functionaries; an institution like this, penetrating by its branches every part of the union, acting by command and in phalanx may, in a critical moment, upset the government. I deem no government safe which is under the vassalage of any self-constituted authorities, or any other authority than that of the nation or its regular functionaries. What an obstruction could not this Bank of the United States, with all its branch banks, be in time of war! It might dictate to us the peace we should accept, or withdraw its aids. Ought we then to give further growth to an institution so powerful, so hostile?"

Thomas Jefferson- Letter to Albert Gallatin, December 13, 1803Rooted

U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 50-Year Low

October 4, 2019 4 minute read

 Council of Economic Advisers

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its monthly Employment Situation Report, which shows robust employment growth in September. Job gains are particularly noteworthy considering that the United States is in the midst of the longest economic recovery in its history.  Read More​

Does This Look Like What Is Happening In Our Country?​

Radical liberal Congresswoman Maxine Waters just revealed that Democrats have no intentions of giving President Trump a fair impeachment inquiry or to lead this country peacefully. Their minds are made up, and they're going to move FAST and try to impeach him regardless of no evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. This is the same woman who has called our President vile things, such as:

"embarrassing unAmerican traitor" – May 28, 2019,"Con Man Don" – Jan 13, 2019,"lying, crooked, tax evader, porn star fornicator" – May 28, 2019

"good for nothing liar" – Mar 4, 2019, Maxine has been calling for President Trump's impeachment since he got elected! Do you think she's going to be anything BUT completely biased?  The press and radical "Green New Deal" radicals want a socialistic United States of America. These radicals are acting like globalist and are attacking the sovereignty and the diverse fabric that which our country is made.  They are hell bent to control the means of production and subvert the formula of the people taking charge of their government and being subjects of their government.  President Trump is a brash and unapologetic sort, but his policies are strong and putting this country on a track for all areas of the economy to prosper.   It is clear that much of the faults exposed  by the press and Democrat operatives have been fabricated and threaten free and fair elections and the ability of this elected official the latitude to do his job.  "God Bless America"


It is very important that you stay informed on the issues being decided for the citizens of New Hampshire.  Contact me your State Representative at or call or text 603-793-9055​ to voice your concerns for or against bills on the docket.  Thanks for your support

The Truth about Gun Statistics 

Of the 72,000 Applications not Passing the NCIS Background Check,

30 People were Charged and got 13 Convictions

This is not an outstanding success

5 facts about crime in the U.S.


Donald Trump made fighting crime a central focus of his campaign for president, and he cited it again during his January 2017 inaugural address. His administration has since taken steps intended to address crime in American communities, such as instructing federal prosecutors to pursue the strongest possible charges against criminal suspects. Here are five facts about crime in the United States.

1Violent crime in the U.S. has fallen sharply over the past quarter century. The two most commonly cited sources of crime statistics in the U.S. both show a read more

Is Kamela Harris Not Going t Defend the Constitution?

Star Parker gives compelling arguments on who is protecting life and liberty,  (here)

Ru​ssian Collu​sion?  Is ​the Mu​eller Probe ​Investigating Clear Evidence of Collusion?

 Judicial Watch Obtains Emails Showing Podesta Group’s Work for Pro-Russia Ukrainian Political Party

MAY 17, 2018

Updated: 5/23/18

Emails show Longtime Obama and Clinton Counselor John Podesta Lobbying on behalf of the Podesta Group

(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch today released new documents from the U.S. Department of State showing the Podesta Group working on behalf of the pro-Russia Ukrainian political group “Party of Regions.” The new documents also show longtime Obama and Clinton counselor John Podesta lobbying on behalf of his brother’s firm.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the State Department filed on November 20, 2017, (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:17-cv-02489)). The lawsuit was filed after the State Department failed to respond to a September 13, 2017, FOIA 

Veteran's Administration Out of Control?

The Continuing Scandal at the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Office

You have followed our extensive coverage of Veterans Affairs officials in Los Angeles who are blatantly ignoring the needs of veterans and appear to be running some kind of business out of their offices. Despite our lawsuits, the outrages continue, as our Corruption Chronicles blog reports.

The Los Angeles Veterans Affairs (VA) facility that illegally rents its sprawling grounds to institutions that don’t serve veterans just evicted several groups dedicated to veterans, including a nonprofit that for decades has comforted dying vets and another that helps those who are disabled. While the VA gave the volunteer organizations the boot without offering an explanation, it continues housing a parking lot for nearby upscale shops, a university baseball stadium, a dog park for the professional dog walkers of affluent residents, and athletic fields for a fancy prep school.

Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton: Immigration Crisis Update, House Dems Harassing Trump, Mueller/CNN Leak Investigation
February 08, 2019
Republican Mayor Allocates $70,000 to Hire City “Immigrant Affairs Manager

The Republican mayor of the nation’s eighth largest city is dedicating $70,000 to hire an “immigrant affairs manager” that will help facilitate a successful integration of refugees and immigrants. The goal is to implement the orders of a community-written blueprint that aims to welcome immigrants as they transition into the city. Known as the “Strategic Plan on Immigrant and Refugee Integration,” the document was created with the input of open borders groups, residents and a “cross-sector steering committee” that direct city officials to skirt federal law.

Census confirms: 63 percent of ‘non-citizens’ on welfare, 4.6 million households

A majority of “non-citizens,” including those with legal green card rights, are tapping into welfare programs set up to help poor and ailing Americans, a Census Bureau finding that bolsters President Trump’s concern about immigrants costing the nation.

In a new analysis of the latest numbers, from 2014, 63 percent of non-citizens are using a welfare program, and it grows to 70 percent for those here 10 years or more, confirming another concern that once immigrants tap into welfare, they don’t get off it.

COMMENTARY: Common Core’s effect on language skills

By Jamie Gass

Posted May 2, 2016 at 10:23 PM

Updated May 2, 2016 at 10:27 PM

“The best words in the best order,” is how Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who wrote the lyric sea ballad “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (1798), defined poetry.

British Romantic poetry, a wellspring of our language, profoundly influenced the flowering of the American Renaissance. That antebellum age of spiritual idealism was charted by Bay State writers, including Emerson, Longfellow, Dickinson, Hawthorne and Melville.

Early Childhood Education: Stanford Study

How much is too much? The influence of preschool centers on children’s social and cognitive development.  What we do not know is whether the effects of preschool centers vary by intensity of exposure and for children from different backgrounds. This paper extends recent work by Magnuson, Ruhm, and Waldfogel (2004) to consider the effects of different child-care arrangements on children’s cognitive and social proficiencies at the start of kindergarten, estimating the effects of the duration and intensity of children’s participation. We also focus on how effects vary across children from different social classes and ethnic groups. These issues are directly germane to debates over whether extending free preschool to all children is a cost-effective policy, whether full or half-day programs are advisable, and which groups of children would likely benefit from them.

Our analyses, drawing on data from the Early

Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS-K), starts by

asking the question: does exposure to center care in

the years before kindergarten improve children’s

cognitive and social-behavioral outcomes at kindergarten entry?  


It Begins: Medicare Rationing Starts New Year’s Day

Andrew Quinlan  |Posted: Dec 21, 2018 12:01 AM

     Free market proponents have long argued that government involvement in health care ultimately leads to rationing. Bureaucrats at the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) are now proving them right by allowing partnered insurance companies to interfere with the recommendations of doctors without safeguards or patient protections.

The new policy, dubbed "fail first," permits insurers to force Medicare patients to initially try a cheaper treatment course, only paying for their doctor's original plan if the first treatment fails.

This new "policy" raises a range of troubling questions, including:

Stop Experimenting On My Kids (Common Core)

This is a guest post by Manchester resident and concerned parent Jon DiPietro.

common core math lesson on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, the public session of Manchester Board of School Committee’s meeting, I voiced my opposition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In order to ensure my comments fit within the allotted three minutes (unlike many proponents who arrogantly droned on for five, six, seven minutes and longer), I delivered a shortened version of the following plea:



New Evidence Reveals Full Extent of Common Core’s Historic Failure                     Posted 22 Nov 2018

Jane Robbins

Most public schools are still afflicted with the Common Core national standards. Paid advocates such as the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation continue to push Common Core despite overwhelm​ing evidence of the slow-motion train wreck that has resulted – reduced student achievement by almost every metric. Fordham refuses even to        Acknowledge the bad news, much less try to rationalize it.  That’s why it was refreshing to hear the blunt truth proclaimed at a Heritage Foundation event last week entitled “Rethinking Federal Intervention in K-12 Education.” At this program the authors of a new Pioneer Institute study, ​

Bill Gates Admits Common Core is a Failure

“Based on everything we have learned in the past 17 years, we are evolving our education strategy,” Gates wrote on his blog as a preface to a speech he gave last week in Cleveland. He followed this by detailing how U.S. education has essentially made little improvement in the years since he and his foundation — working so closely with the Obama administration that federal officials regularly consulted foundation employees and waived ethics laws to hire several — began redirecting trillions of public dollars towards programs he now admits haven’t accomplished much.

Thus, teachers and schools are not rewarded in direct correlation with the needs and desires of their customers. This is a core reason public education persistently perpetuates bad curricula, bad teaching methods, and poor attention to kids’ specific needs.

I have been hard on Gates over the years for Common Core because he has used his fabulous financial power irresponsibly. He’s forced American citizens into an experimental and at best academically mediocre policy fantasy that has further eroded American government’s legitimacy, which depends upon the consent of the governed. He and Melinda may mean well, but they haven’t done well on this major initiative. It’s going to take a lot more than passive-aggressive side references to their failure to make up for the years of classroom chaos their bad ideas inflicted on many U.S. teachers and kids without their consent. A direct apology and dedication to the “first, do no harm” principle would be a start.

Joy Pullmann is executive editor of The Federalist and author of "The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids," out from Encounter Books in 2017.

Read the full Federalist Article Here

Union Leader Article by

Majority Republican Leader Dick Hinch                                     

"A glowing testimonial! of NH House Republican Accomplishments"

Read more on Candidate for State Representative Joe Pitre at

Op Ed NH Union Leader

GOP moving forward, despite Democratic opposition


April 24. 2017 10:16PM

Constituents of New Hampshire, the reports of the demise of the Republican Caucus in the New Hampshire House of Representatives are greatly exaggerated.

If you were to believe the political gossip as of late, you might think that the failure of House of Representatives to pass a budget lies solely on the shoulders of House Republicans. But let’s be clear — a strong majority of Republicans supported both budget bills.

Why wouldn’t the majority of Republicans support a budget proposal that met a number of goals set forth in the Republican Party platform, and the House Republican agenda? These items included no new or increased taxes or fees, limiting total fund spending to no more than the rate of inflation, reform and reorganization of government agencies to be more efficient and responsive, and eliminated downshifting by proposing to send $50 million in additional aid to cities and towns and an additional $45 million in local infrastructure aid.

There is no budget that will be 100 percent favorable to any individual legislator. It isn’t easy finding the perfect balance with legislation as complex as the state budget. In the end, we are confident that with a Republican Legislature and a Republican governor, the final product will achieve many of the points the House budget sought to achieve.  ​Read More

Read more on Candidate for State Representative Joe Pitre at

The Problem With Hurrying Childhood Learning

By Justin Minkel, April 18, 2018


When he lectured in the United States, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget would invariably get what he called "the American question" from a member of the audience. After he had explained various developmental phases that young children go through in their understanding of concepts like length and volume, someone would raise their hand and ask, "How can we accelerate a child’s progress through the stages?"  More....

To Whom Do The Children Belong:  the parents or the government?
Looming 6 Trillion Dollar Crisis- 
A Debt our Children And Grandchildren Will Pay

A report from the American Legislative Exchange Council estimates that state and local pension funds have promised $6 trillion more in benefits than they have set aside to pay. That is $18,676 for every man, woman and child in America, or nearly $50,000 per household.


The United States Supreme Court Strikes Again

Let Freedom Ring

Supreme Court smacks down liberal double standard on free speech

by JOE CARTER • June 20, 2018

The exchange has to be seen in full to appreciate the devastating effect, so I’ll reprint each part and note which examples of clothing Rogan considers “political” and what he views as “not political”:

JUSTICE ALITO: How about a shirt with a rainbow flag? Would that be permitted?  See more 

Center for Education Reform


Guns and the Safety of our Citizens,  Especially our Students

Debate Speech here-A reasonable point of view - Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas Speech on Floor of House of Delegates

Delegate Freitas served two combat tours in Iraq in the Army Special Forces

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Senate Bill 193, Education Savings Account Bill 

Amendment proposed by House Finance Committee




Representative Joe Pitre Cosponsored the Following Bill

Breaking Down New Hampshire’s ESA Bill, SB 193

 House Education Committee Version

We broke down the Granite State’s ESA bill, SB 193, so you don’t have to.

Jason Bedrick, M.P.P.(former NH House member)

Director of Policy, EdChoice

Michael Shaw

Research Assistant

Last year, New Hampshire legislators introduced a bill to create Education Freedom Savings Accounts. The New Hampshire Senate passed a version of SB 193 that would set up an education savings account (ESA) program that is open to all public and homeschooled K–12 students in the Granite State.

That would be a vast upgrade from New Hampshire’s income-based tax-credit scholarship program, and the result would be a nearly universal educational choice program!

The New Hampshire House Education Committee, however, recommended a considerably scaled-down version of the bill, which the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed last month by a vote on 184-162. Although not as ambitious as the New Hampshire Senate version, the New Hampshire House version would still make significant progress toward providing all Granite Staters with educational choice. The bill is currently under consideration in the New Hampshire House Finance Committee.

The potential program would operate in a similar fashion to ESAs in other states. Here’s how the New Hampshire House Education version of the ESA program would work:

Student Eligibility

Students must be residents of the state who are at least 5 years old but not older than 20 and have not graduated from high school. To enroll in the ESA program for the first time, students must also be currently attending a public school, including a charter school, or be incoming kindergarten students and must meet at least one of the following criteria: (1) have an annual household income less than or equal to 300 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, (2) be assigned to a district school that, for at least two consecutive years, has been deemed by the state to have been “unable to demonstrate that it provides the opportunity for an adequate education” as defined by state law, (3) have an individualized education plan (IEP) or accommodation plan under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or (4) who applied to and was not admitted to a charter school or who applied for but did not receive a tax-credit scholarship under the state’s education tax credit law.

Although significantly scaled back relative to the New Hampshire Senate’s universal eligibility, the New Hampshire House Education Committee’s version of SB 193 would still likely make more than half of New Hampshire families eligible. The median household income in New Hampshire is $76,260, which is just above 300 percent of the federal poverty line for 2018 for a family of four ($75,300). In addition, students in the latter three categories, such as those with special needs, are exempt from the income limits.

Broad eligibility is important to create a critical mass of ESA students over time that will encourage education entrepreneurs to provide new and innovating ways of meeting students’ learning needs. Programs limited to small populations, such as students eligible for the federal free and reduced-price lunch program, tend only to fill empty seats at existing private schools but don’t do much to encourage innovation or even the expansion of existing options.

Student Funding

Accounts may be worth 95 percent (50 percent for incoming kindergarteners) of the state’s per-pupil funding amount plus differentiated aid. For the 2017-18 school year, New Hampshire’s base “adequacy” funding is $3,636 per pupil. Differentiated aid includes $1,818 for low-income students (those eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch), $1,956 for students with special needs, and $711 for English Language Learners. The typical low-income ESA student would, therefore, receive about $5,450 annually and a low-income student with special needs would receive more than $7,400.

According to Private School Review, the average private elementary school tuition is about $8,900, although 29 schools charge less than $15,000 per year and 15 schools charge less than $6,000. Excluding elite boarding schools and schools dedicated to special education, the average private high school tuition is about $7,560, with some charging as little as $1,525.

In other words, although the typical ESA student would receive only about one-fifth of the $18,216 that New Hampshire district schools spend per pupil, on average, the funding level would still put a wide variety of educational options within reach of the average Granite State family.

Allowable Uses

Funds may be used to pay for:

Tuition and fees at an eligible in-state public district, charter or private school

Online learning programs

Textbooks, curriculum or other instructional materials

Tutoring services

In-state community college costs

In-state higher education expenses

Fees for testing, including nationally norm-referenced tests, AP exams and college placement exams

Services for special needs students, including educational therapy

Transportation (up to $750 per year)

Any unused funds still left in an account at the end of the school year may be rolled over to the next school year, which can continue until a student moves out of state, graduates from college or two years after they graduate from high school if they do not enroll in college.


Parents must sign a contract agreeing to provide an education for their student in science, mathematics, language, government, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, the history of the constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States and an exposure to and appreciation of art and music. ESA students must take either the statewide assessment test or a national norm-referenced test. The results of these tests are to be submitted to the scholarship organization administering the ESA program, which then reports the aggregate results to the New Hampshire Commissioner of Education.

ESA-granting organizations must conduct an annual parental satisfaction survey, submit both biannual and annual reports, and undergo an annual audit, but participating schools and educational service providers need only furnish receipts to parents and ESA-granting organizations.

What the Research Says

New Hampshire voters are very supportive of expanding educational choice, and for good reason. These programs are constitutional and fiscally responsible ways to help families provide their children with an education that’s the right fit for their individual learning needs—and parents exercising these options are highly satisfied.

In addition to charter schools, New Hampshire already has two school choice programs—a tax-credit scholarship and a town tuitioning voucher program. A 2017 EdChoice poll found most New Hampshire voters are not familiar with the various school choice options that the state provides (or is considering adopting) …

… but they are strongly supportive of them when informed about them.

Support was especially high among New Hampshire school parents, who expressed strong support for ESAs (71 percent) and tax-credit scholarships (66 percent). It’s no wonder that parents of school-aged children are the most supportive of choice, given the high level of satisfaction among scholarship families.

The state’s Education Tax Credit Program was launched 2013. It has 332 students and 51 schools participating, according to the most recent data, with an average scholarship value of $2,148. Each year, the state’s two scholarship-granting organizations must submit reports to New Hampshire’s department of revenue. Somewhat unique to New Hampshire, these reports detail parental satisfaction with the program (see page 3 here and here).

These reports show parents are tremendously satisfied.

In 2017, 93 percent reported being satisfied or strongly satisfied with the school their children were attending using tax-credit scholarships. A similar figure (91 percent) said their children had “seen a measurable improvement in academic achievement” due to the scholarships. It is worth nothing that 84 percent of families would have been unable to send their children to the schools of their choice had it not been for tax-credit scholarships.

Although the legislature clarified the legality of town tuitioning last year, a recent report from the Granite Institute shows that the practice of towns using public funds to support resident children at private schools dates at least as far back as 1792.

In conjunction with EdChoice, the Granite Institute also published a primer on ESAs. Additionally, the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy published a fiscal analysis of the New Hampshire Senate version of SB 193, which finds that if 1 percent of students left their district schools to accept an ESA, the districts would keep more than 99.8 percent of their budgets. The Josiah Bartlett Center also teamed with the Institute for Justice to publish a legal analysis that explains why a publicly funded ESA would pass constitutional muster in New Hampshire.

Finally, be on the lookout for an upcoming EdChoice survey of New Hampshire private schools. It will explore enrollment and capacity information, familiarity with the tax-credit scholarship program, regulatory concerns and openness to the possible education savings account program, among other issues facing private schools in the Granite State.

New Hampshire has the opportunity to lead the nation in expanding personalized learning options to a wide swath of students. As we at EdChoice have stated before: it’s time for all New Hampshire families to live free and choose their children’s education.

Director of Policy, EdChoice

Jason Bedrick, M.P.P.

Director of Policy, EdChoice

Jason Bedrick is director of policy for EdChoice. Previously, he was policy analyst with the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom. He also served as a legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and was an education policy research fellow at the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy.

Joshua Bartlett Center Report answers questions:

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) will not decimate public school budgets, a report released today by the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy shows. In fact, even using a high average cost for each ESA and a high ESA take up rate of 5 percent, the report shows that every school district in New Hampshire would keep more than 98 percent of its operating budget. More.......

Let Us Stamp OutPoverty You Say??


For the Concord Monitor

Saturday, July 08, 2017

There are a lot of ways we could help poor people. We could cut their taxes. We could cut taxes on people that hire them. We could let them go to schools of their choice, instead of forcing them into dropout mills that will label them for life as “failures.” "read more"